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Ideas for Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing in the workplace is essential to create a healthy work environment, ensure employee satisfaction, and to boost productivity. Croner-i have put together a list of why and how you should invest in workplace wellbeing. Here are a few of the ideas they have suggested: The CIPD identifies seven key areas of employee wellbeing: Health. Good…Read More

COVID-19 Quick Links for Your Business

As “freedom day” has arrived, the economy still continues to struggle with the impact of the pandemic and cases continue to rise, creating an uncertain time for businesses. Here are some links for finding the right guidance for you and your business Available support from the government for your business can be found here You…Read More

The Budget – Key Points

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left a huge impact on the economy, this week Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced his plans to rebuild the economy in the Budget. You can find out more information here, we have compiled the key points that are most important for you and your business   COVID Schemes and recovery grants Both…Read More

Easing lockdown – Key Dates

After a much anticipation, the government has announced the guidance for easing lockdown and ending restrictions. We have set out the roadmap below of the key dates for both you and your business, from family and well-being to when your business can re-open. You can find more information here 8 March Schools, colleges, Practical Higher…Read More

Brexit – Sending and Receiving Goods

The deal reached after a very long period of Brexit negotiations has come during a stressful time for the country. We know that it has been a struggle to get clear guidance so we have collected resources and information below on how Brexit will affect your business. For exporting goods from the UK, you will…Read More

Second Wave and Lockdown Update – COVID-19

The introduction of the tier system and the second wave of COVID has been a difficult time for businesses, from anticipating government announcements to hardships within the individual running of businesses themselves. We have compiled a list of resources to support your business below: To find the restrictions in your local area, click here Advice…Read More

Spending Review 2020 – Our highlights

Describing how our, “economic emergency has only just begun”, Chancellor Rishi Sunak began his review by highlighting the importance of the priorities of the British people, mostly focusing on the UK’s recovery in terms of public finances. In what has been a significantly stressful year for small and large businesses alike, we give our main…Read More

COVID-19 and seeking mental health support

This has been a difficult period for us all in many parts of our lives, personal and professional. Do not hesitate to reach out for help, you are not alone with this. “Mind” talk about some of the common experiences of mental health problems during coronavirus, and has tips for living with mental health problems…Read More

Latest Updates On COVID-19 – September 2020

The month of September has been complex, with multiple local lockdowns and the rise of the second wave amongst the re-opening of the economy, there are growing concerns about the coming months. With a lot to take in, here is a breakdown in all the relevant information for you and your business. Chancellors Winter Economy…Read More

Latest updates on COVID-19 – August 2020

As Leicester has come out of its local lockdown, the extended restrictions have had a significant impact on local business as the rest of the country began to open up. At the end of July, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the extra money to Harborough MP Neil O’Brien, with Leicester receiving £2.6m extra funding for…Read More

Latest updates on COVID-19 – July 2020

Lockdown is being eased and the government is implementing major plans to rebuild the economy, it is a crucial time for all businesses Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a “mini-budget” with a plan to rebuild the economy, with a focus on the hospitality industry. Here are the key points from his announcement: A…Read More

Latest updates on COVID-19 – June 2020

Coronavirus has had a monumental impact not only on our health and social lives but on the economy – it is a stressful time for large and small businesses alike. This page will provide the latest updates relevant to the needs of your business What the easing of lockdown means for your business With the…Read More

News articles of interest

The press is full of COVID-19 related articles, it can be difficult to filter through them to find the information relevant to you. This page has handpicked articles that are relevant to the world of tax and businesses What building your business back up looks like Redundancy support for employers and individuals –