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The Energy Crisis – What can businesses do?

Post-pandemic demand, storage issues, falling European production in recent years, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine – all these have contributed to a dramatic rise in energy prices globally. For business that’s meant a sudden and intense focus on the supply and security of their energy like never before. So how can businesses best navigate the immediate crisis and improve their longer-term energy security?

Businesses are having to come up with a number of different solutions:

  • changing the office lights to LEDs
  • installing motion and light sensors
  • Installing renewable energies
  • switching their heating on later in the year
  • reducing the thermostat
  • keeping windows shut instead of airing the office
  • Looking into wind, solar, hydro, battery, geothermal and heat sources

You can find up-to-date articles on how businesses can manage this crisis through the ICAEW Cost of doing business insight and news page

(This post is based on an ICAEW podcast)